Impact Reports

Keo Seima Research Report Keo Seima + Southern Cardamom Research Report

New research published by Everland scientists, “High deforestation trajectories in Cambodia slowly transformed through economic land concession restrictions and strategic execution of REDD+ protected areas”. Nature Scientific Reports

Southern Cardamom Spotlight Report Southern Cardamom Spotlight Report Q3 2022

Wildlife crime is one of the most significant threats to wildlife globally, endangering hundreds of species – thriving in regions of corruption and weak rule of law. In response to a long standing hunting and poaching crisis in the region, the Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project has developed an effective system of rescue, care and release to provide the best possible outcomes for traumatized and injured wild animals, and works with government authorities to ensure traders face justice for their crimes.

Alto Mayo Spotlight Report Alto Mayo Spotlight Report Q3 2022

Despite its protected status, the threat of deforestation from illegal logging and agricultural encroachment in the Alto Mayo Protected Forest (AMPF) remains. To deter the destruction of the forest and to provide local farmers and families with economic alternatives to deforestation, the project has established voluntary conservation agreements in partnership with communities living in and around the project zone.

Chyulu Hills Spotlight Report Chyulu Hills Spotlight Report Q3 2022

Beekeeping is an important initiative at the Chyulu Hill’s REDD+ Project, offering a diversified livelihood opportunity in honey production for local community members living in the project zone. Through bee-keeping, the project has developed a sustainable mechanism that provides an economic incentive for communities to commit to their conservation efforts, whilst generating revenue from the sale of their honey.

Keo Seima Impact Over Time Keo Seima Impact Over Time Up to 2022
Southern Cardamom Impact Over Time Southern Cardamom Impact Over Time Up to 2022
Mai Ndombe Half Yearly Impact Report Mai Ndombe Half Yearly Report Q2 2022

Agricultural intensification and diversification continue to expand across the project area, with new high yield cassava being introduced into community gardens. The women-led Community Based Organizations (OBs) have shown incredible progress, with 80% of women in the villages currently participating. The main building of the Ibali healthcare clinic has finished construction and has been equipped with new diagnostics equipment; further state-funded expansions are being planned. Poaching and logging continue to be challenging. However, a new radio- communications project is underway to improve the efficiency of incident reporting.

Kasigau Half Yearly Impact Report Kasigau Half Yearly Report Q2 2022

Wildlife sightings are on the rise across the corridor, including Elephants, Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs and Grevy’s Zebras. The expanded use of a new monitoring app yields the opportunity for rangers to collect and share data in real time across the project zone using mobile phones in a secure cloud-based system. The greenhouses are full with thousands of indigenous trees for afforestation and teams are working to graft different fruit varieties to produce diverse multi-fruit trees. The ecocharcoal factory has produced >3450 briquettes for the community and is testing new processes for developing smaller, more energy efficient products.

Keo Seima Half Yearly Impact Report Keo Seima Half Yearly Report Q2 2022

The annual wildlife data collection has been completed as part of the KSWS REDD+ project’s long-term biodiversity monitoring program; with observations spanning > 1600km. The IUCN Red List endangered species, Eld’s Deer, was caught on a camera trap for the first time in KSWS. More funds are available for community benefits sharing, with villages prioritizing educational activities. The national REDD+ nesting process has been delayed, but validation and verification of new credits are underway.

Southern Cardamom Half Yearly Impact Report Southern Cardamom Half Yearly Report Q2 2022

The Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project has undertaken numerous construction projects throughout surrounding communities in Q1-Q2 2022, including 43 wells to provide clean water to >3600 people as well as 25km of road and drainage culverts to connect a remote village to a market center and medical facilities. The Community Anti-Poaching Unit at Chi Phat has recorded the return of wildlife to the area as a result of relentless protection of the eco- tourism and wildlife release site. However, human-elephant conflicts have resurfaced in other areas of the project due to the continued fragmentation of forests in surrounding areas, ending peacefully through the proactive intervention from local rangers.