Everland exists to help people prosper from conserving their forests and wildlife, resulting in climate change mitigation for the benefit of all. We mobilize transformative investments, through the sale of Verified Emissions Reductions (VERs) often referred to as carbon offset credits, into forest communities who are on the frontlines stopping deforestation, halting climate change, and safeguarding biodiversity, in order to deliver conservation outcomes at scale.

Everland helps our clients become an integral part of the communities who are on the front lines of climate change, forest conservation, and wildlife protection. Through deep due diligence and impact reporting, we ensure that clients invest in meaningful durable climate mitigation, and realize the full value of their support for REDD+ projects.

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Our Team

Gerald Prolman Executive Chairman
Joshua Tosteson Chief Executive Officer
Pamela Brazier President
Angela Foster-Rice Legal Counsel / Senior Vice President - Policy and Market Innovation
Joshua McCarron Global Head of Business Development
Theo Brandon Senior Manager - Sales Operations
Morgan Berman Business Development - North America
Philip Rothrock Business Development - North America
Mohamed Oday Business Development - North America
Sandra Tan Vice President - Finance and Operations
Alexandra Serna Accounting Manager - Finance and Operations
Tanzia Hasan Human Resources Manager
Will Crosse Vice President - Impacts
Maren Pauly, PhD Director — Evaluation and Research
Preston Adrien Manager - Impacts Reporting
Sylvia Gan Senior Research Associate
Zainab Raashid Due Diligence Analyst
Daniel Lopez Director- Project and Community Partnerships
Leticia Labre Director - The Forest Plan
Esteban Rossi Senior Project Relations Officer, Colombia
Natalia Toloza Associate - Project and Community Partnerships
Georgie Davis Vice President- Marketing, Content and Creative
Sarah Horn Director - Digital Marketing and Client Communications
Stefanie Glinski Content Director
Natalie Prolman Senior Manager - Community Engagement and Impact Storytelling
Eve Jarvis Manager- Marketing, Content and Creative
Hamidat Adesina Coordinator - Marketing, Content and Creative
Emma Oakman Vice President- Strategic Communications
Will Richard Director - Public Relations and Media

Want to invest in voluntary carbon credits?

Everland exclusively represents the Voluntary Carbon Market’s largest portfolio of high-impact, community-centered, forest conservation REDD+ projects. Everland brings together forest communities and corporations in a common cause to protect some of the world’s most important and vulnerable forests. If you want to discuss how REDD+ can support your company’s transition to net-zero or if you have any other REDD+ related questions, we’re here to help.

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