>3,600 people served in project-supported medical facilities

18 Jun 2022
 data-src=3,600 people served in project-supported medical facilities"/>

Many villages in the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary area are remote and travel to clinics can be very difficult – especially for the elderly or unwell – and some treatments can be prohibitively expensive. The project has invested in medical services for the local communities including medical clinics. In 2021, 500 residents in 5 indigenous villages in KSWS benefited from mobile clinics. The mobile health clinics were selected as high priority actions by the 5 participating villages (Pu Tang, Pu Keh, Gati, Pu Char and Pu Nhav), who funded the clinics with their REDD+ benefit sharing funds. Providing “free at the point of use” healthcare on-site in each village has significant positive impacts on the well-being of these communities, while also addressing an underlying driver of deforestation: medical debt.