>5,800 people have a new livelihood opportunity

18 Jun 2022
 data-src=5,800 people have a new livelihood opportunity"/>

The project supports new livelihood opportunities for >5800 people through a variety of initiatives including enforcement, eco-tourism and agriculture. For example, IBIS Rice is a Wildlife Conservation Society initiative, successfully connecting conservation outcomes with economic incentives. It provides communities motivation to engage in conservation, offering 1,500 wildlife-friendly farmers a premium for organic jasmine rice. Farmers commit to no logging, hunting, or pesticides, protecting the landscape and its species. The rice is sold globally at a higher premium and provides a win-win scenario for communities and conservation, helping to diminish poverty and reducing deforestation by 75% where IBIS Rice farmers work. In KSWS, the IBIS Rice program is currently active in 3 REDD+ villages: Pu Kong, Pu Char and Ou Chra, with a total of 79 farmer households having joined the program and 13 successfully selling to IBIS Rice already.