8 medical facilities supported, providing healthcare to >5500 local community members

18 Jun 2022
8 medical facilities supported, providing healthcare to  data-src=5500 local community members"/>

Over ⅓ of children under 5 are malnourished and many are at high risk from malaria, leading to a high mortality rate of 220 per 1000 children. To alleviate this healthcare crisis, new facilities are continuing to be built in the project zone – with a total of 8 facilities currently supported by the project. A healthcare clinic has finished construction in the Ibali village over the final two quarters of 2021. Additionally, 12,067 people experienced increased water quality and improved access to drinking water as a result of the project activities. Wildlife Works has invested in the construction and improvement of water pipelines, storage tanks, water pans, and gutters, improving the availability of water throughout the project area.