Disaster relief aid provided to >450 families

18 Jun 2022
Disaster relief aid provided to  data-src=450 families"/>

In October 2020, heavy rains caused massive flooding throughout Cambodia, particularly the villages of Pursat in Pramouy, Rokay and Bak Chenhchean communes, located in the leakage zone to the north of the REDD+ Project, were badly affected. To alleviate the suffering these communities were facing, a Wildlife Alliance relief mission, supported by the Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project, travelled to the communities from Phnom Penh with crucial supplies to give to the villagers, including rice, dried fish, instant noodles and tents to the affected communities, giving aid to 453 families. 

Additional benefits sharing has been allocated to the development of new roads in 2021, as the current road network has been heavily eroded due to regular flooding and limited upkeep. An 18-km stretch of road from Por Boeung to Sre Ambel – which is particularly dangerous during the rainy season – has been reconstructed at higher elevation with a new drainage system, allowing villages to access the Sre Ambel marketplace, district health facilities and the local secondary school.