18 Jun 2022 465,839 hectares of forest protected

The project relentlessly defends 465,839 hectares of forest in a highly threatened landscape. For example, recently the project team stopped the construction of a High Voltage Power Line through the heart of the REDD+ Project. A high voltage power line had been planned to bring electricity from 4 hydro-power dams to Phnom Penh, which would […]

67,791 hectares of tropical forest protected in a highly threatened landscape

To protect the forest and address the threat of illegal forest land encroachment and logging in the Tumring REDD+ project area, the project team is working with local authorities, communities and relevant provincial departments to improve land security and strengthen agricultural and forest land tenure rights for communities in the area. Securing registration is important […]

188,000 hectares of forest protected

Community Protected Areas (CPA) within the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary are continuously improving the protection of their borders – including the installation of signboards marking their CPA boundary in order to improve management and to deter illegal encroachment and other crimes. The signboards serve to inform people of the CPA boundaries, detail prohibited activities, and […]

>300,000 hectares of forest protected

Over 300,000 ha of rainforest along edge of Lake Mai Ndombe in DRC was previously zoned for commercial timber extraction. The REDD+ project prevented the reinstatement of logging contracts and instead co-developed sustainable initiatives with the local community while protecting an important rainforest and wetland landscape. Agroforestry nurseries and sustainable farming crops and techniques have […]

>200,000 hectares of forest protected

To protect the vast dryland forests in the Kasigau Corridor, security teams coordinate regular aerial and foot patrols, collaborating with the local communities, the Kenya Wildlife Service and other NGOs operating in the area. This is particularly important during the fire season, to ensure a coordinated response actively prevents fire outbreaks. In addition to protecting […]