18 Jun 2022 >$240,000 in bursaries granted

The Southern Cardamom REDD+ scholarship award program has distributed >$240,000 in bursaries. For example, five full scholarships to universities in Phnom Penh were awarded in 2021. These scholarships include four years of annual tuition, school materials, accommodation, food stipend and health insurance, totalling $6,852 per student per year. Limited education in the Southern Cardamom project […]

11 schools have been built or renovated as a result of the project

Educational facilities have been non-existent or insufficient in most villages across the project zone. A lack of education in the region has been directly correlated with increased deforestation and negative health outcomes. 11 schools have completed construction with a further 7 underway. A total of 32 schools are planned to be completed during the project […]

17 Jun 2022 36 schools renovated & 10 new schools built

Community revenue sharing has been allocated to the renovation of 36 existing schools and building of 10 new schools across the project zone. This includes the creation of new classrooms, administration blocks, kitchens and staff houses as well as new water tanks and toilet blocks to improve access to water and sanitation. These updates have […]