18 Jun 2022 35 IUCN Red List Species protected, including 16 Critically Endangered and Endangered species

The ranger and enforcement team in Southern Cardamom is constructing a tiger reintroduction station, which includes ponds for swimming, wild pig enclosures for tiger prey, workers house and a veterinary station. By 2023, the Indian government will begin the reintegration process by donating at least 10 tigers, giving them the opportunity to roam free in […]

11 IUCN Red List species actively protected

21 degraded wildlife habitat sites have been identified and integrated into the targeted biodiversity restoration program. These and other sites within the project area are being continuously monitored by 45 members of the forestry patrol, who complete an average of 110 patrols per year. Such patrols have led to the recovery of hundreds of snares […]

75 IUCN Red List Species protected and benefiting from reduced threats

The population of 11 key species in the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary (KSWS) were monitored between 2010 — 2020 using line transects. The report shows that populations of green peafowl and pig-tailed macaque are increasing, that populations of black-shanked douc langur, yellow-cheeked crested gibbon, long-tailed macaque, and wild pig are stable, and that populations of […]

>250 local people trained in biodiversity monitoring

A team specialized in biodiversity monitoring tracks high biodiversity areas twice a month, along with local community members who have been trained for that purpose. The project monitored the growth of both elephant and Bonobo populations — with elephants specifically at a high pace. Camera traps have revealed that elephants seem to be slowly returning […]

5 IUCN Red List Species actively protected

The Kasigau Corridor is home to more than 20 species of bats, over 50 species of large mammals, over 300 species of birds and important populations of IUCN Red List species, including African Elephants, African Wild Dogs, Cheetahs, Grevy’s Zebras and Lions. The project has been working since 2013 on long term research and development […]