18 Jun 2022 >1700 women with access to alternative livelihood opportunity and a sustainable income stream

Women are being recognized and celebrated as leaders in KSWS through new livelihoods and leadership opportunities. The efforts to strengthen tenure rights and reduce landlessness is being led by a young Indigenous woman, Danh Salon from the Indigenous Community Land area of O Chra. Through her work, the project is supporting Indigenous communities to register […]

>600 women have improved access to alternative income streams

The Gender Empowerment Team has taken the lead for increased crop yield and agriculture intensification activities in the project area, with women being instrumental in developing the agricultural plantations across numerous villages in the project area – with a focus on cassava production. A few decades ago, fungi were destroying the cassava crops around Mai […]

17 Jun 2022 >1,700 women involved in the Hadithi craft venture generating $250,000 in annual profit

Weaving baskets is a tradition in native Taita culture, a tribe of people living in the hills in South Eastern Kenya. The project supports basket weaving womens groups in the project zone, to provide women with an alternative livelihood option, connecting them to external markets, building capacity and impoving product quality of local craft groups. […]