10 Nov 2023

We need to halt deforestation immediately.

Community-centred REDD+ projects provide the economic incentives necessary to preserve threatened forests, as shown by the projects Everland represents.

REDD+ stands for Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. REDD+ is a climate change mitigation solution developed by Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

REDD+ goes beyond simply deforestation and forest degradation and includes the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks.

The science behind REDD+ is solid. It’s essential for companies to continue investing in REDD+ projects, as it stands out as one of the quickest, most effective, and cost-efficient ways to address both the biodiversity and climate crises.

As governments convene for COP 28, global unity is essential to prevent deforestation and achieve the 1.5-degree target set by the Paris Agreement.

To achieve this, more community-centered REDD+ projects are needed, and we must support those actively contributing to forest conservation. We urge you to ACT NOW by supporting those dedicated to protecting our forests.

Everland has collaborated with Julia Butterfly Hill on an animation, featuring her recitation of the poem, “Where have all the humans gone?”.

In a recent interview Julia said: “Through my experience involved in this and other efforts, I learned it’s important to stand against, but while we do, it’s even more important to stand for something. REDD+ projects do that. They stand for ending deforestation, which is vital for the survival of our species. They stand for reducing emissions into our atmosphere, for protecting wildlife, and for a better life for some of the world’s most disenfranchised communities and for future generations.”

About Julia Butterfly Hill

Julia Butterfly Hill is a prominent American activationist and author who played a pivotal role in the late 1990s environmental movement. Stepping away from a successful business career, she gained worldwide recognition for her tree-sit protest in California’s ancient redwood forests. From December 1997 to December 1999, Julia lived on top of an ancient redwood tree named “Luna”, from where she addressed both the United Nations and the US Congress. Her courageous action serves as a powerful statement against the unsustainable practices that threaten invaluable forest ecosystems.

Here are three ways you can support today:

1. Contact Us

to find out more about investing in REDD+ projects.

2. Sign this pledge

to urge leaders to protect our rainforests now.

3. Donate to these charities:

Upper Amazon Conservancy (UAC) safeguards the Amazon headwaters in southeastern Peru, focusing on the 10-million-hectare Purús—Manu Landscape. Threats, such as illegal road construction, endanger the region’s intact forests and isolated communities. UAC, partnering with over half a dozen tribes, pursues initiatives like securing land ownership, combating illegal activities, empowering Indigenous women, and promoting sustainable projects. Our vision entails effective protected areas for isolated tribes and engaged local communities, fostering education, health, and cultural pride.

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75 Indigenous communities and the Andes Amazon Conservancy (AAC) are creating the largest Indigenous-led biocorridor in Ecuador. Strategically targeting the last wildlife migration connection between the Andes Mountains and the Amazon basin, this network spans 175 miles, and will comprise 6 million acres once complete. Communities are developing conservation plans that account for 100 years of population growth, agricultural needs, while safeguarding waterways and wildlife corridors. Your financial support is crucial in advancing this globally significant initiative.

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The Arbor Day Foundation has been inspiring people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees since 1972. And that simple mission has had a global impact. Trees are a key part of the solution to some of the biggest issues facing our planet. They help slow climate change, filter our air and water, foster biodiversity. Your contribution will help ensure forests thrive in some of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world.

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Forest Trends was founded with the mission of putting an economic engine behind nature conservation – the idea being that our economy, our society, and our wellbeing all depend in very real and material ways on healthy natural ecosystems. That idea’s time has come. The world is looking to “nature-based solutions” to combat climate change, mitigate water risks, prevent pandemics, protect biodiversity, support food insecurity, and so on. Forest Trends is fielding many new opportunities at a totally different scale than in the past, and at a much more systemic level.

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