31 Mar 2023 Chyulu Hills Spotlight Report Q1 2023

With the increasing likelihood of more frequent and extreme droughts due to climate change and the associated risk to the forest, the Chyulu Hills REDD+ Project (CHRP) partners have developed a plan for preventing, monitoring, and quickly responding to fire outbreaks in the area. In addition to the impacts on both humans and wildlife, fire is also one of the key threats to the carbon stocks on which the success of the Chyulu Hills REDD+ Project depends. The risk from fire can only be expected to increase in the face of higher temperatures and more extreme droughts that are predicted as a result of climate change. However, with the right equipment, training, and collaboration with local communities, it is possible to decrease risks from fire and preserve the integrity of the fragile Chyulu ecosystem.

07 Mar 2023 Meet Lucy, A Passionate Activist Advocating For Gender Equity and Inclusion In Her Maasai Community

“I believe if you empower a woman, you empower the whole nation.” -Lucy Simantoi Sayiore, Kuku Group Ranch Community Member, Chyulu Hills.

28 Feb 2023 The Simba Scouts: From Lion Hunters to Lion Guardians

In Maasai culture, it is a rite of passage for a Moran (Warrior) to kill a lion. This has changed when conservation came. Now you don’t have to kill a lion to be called a Moran, you can earn that title by protecting them.

25 Feb 2023 Meet David, A Passionate Conservationist and Youth Leader From The Chyulu Hills 

David’s hope for the future is that everybody strives to understand how nature works and that people develop a sense of care.

Meet Anastacia, An Activist Fighting For Women’s Rights In Her Community

What inspires Anastacia to do the kind of job she does is her passion for gender equality. She hopes that harmful practices such as FGM will be a thing of the past.

23 Jan 2023 Interview With A Chyulu Hills Teacher About The Importance of Access to Quality Education In Her Community

Our communities are realizing the importance of education through the transformative change that is happening where children complete their education and have careers that give back to society.

31 Dec 2022 Chyulu Hills Half Yearly Impact Report Q3-Q4 2022

The 1 billionth Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) credit was issued to the Chyulu Hills REDD+ project following the finalization of the project’s second verification. The team has been collaborating with local community members for biomass sampling and restoration of grasslands. The drought in Kenya has been very challenging, resulting in extensive food security issues and wildfire threats, mitigated in part through emergency school feeding programs and enhanced firefighting training and equipment.

16 Dec 2022 Maasai Reflections on COP 27

More than ever, I think it is essential to include local and Indigenous voices in these conferences. We are the ones who have been sustaining the Earth up to now.

25 Oct 2022 World Leaders, We Need Real Action and Quick Intervention

Communities who contribute the least to emissions are suffering the most due to lack of capacity to adapt to climate change.

14 Oct 2022 Making a Difference in my Community is my Drive

I strongly believe that among the different measures taken in the fight against climate change in the world, REDD+ projects can be one of the most successful initiatives with enough participation.