28 Feb 2023 Celebrating The People Who Make Conservation Possible

As we celebrate World Wildlife Day on 3rd March 2023, we would like to highlight the incredible work done by our rangers at the Kasigau Corridor REDD+ project and share what has inspired them to live a life dedicated to protecting wildlife.

We Have To Protect And Preserve Both Wildlife And The Forest

KSWS is home to more than 950 wild species, including 75 globally threatened species and plays a vital role in the preservation of the region’s important and vulnerable wildlife, including the world’s largest populations of endemic primates.

The Simba Scouts: From Lion Hunters to Lion Guardians

In Maasai culture, it is a rite of passage for a Moran (Warrior) to kill a lion. This has changed when conservation came. Now you don’t have to kill a lion to be called a Moran, you can earn that title by protecting them.