18 Jun 2022 Nearly 500 people are employed in project activities

The project directly manages more than 150 law enforcement rangers who operate 24/7 out of 11 fully- equipped ranger stations and patrol across more than 5,000-km2 of the landscape. Rangers are well paid and receive life insurance and full health benefits, have the capacity and equipment to work effectively and safely, and are led and […]

14 Community Forests housing sustainable resin ventures

Generating revenue from resin tapping is important to achieving the project’s long term sustainable development goals and has the potential to contribute substantially to livelihood improvement of the Community Forest (CF) members. Each CF member owns between 70 and 3,000 resin trees, with the average number of ownership being 600 resin trees per household. The […]

>5,800 people have a new livelihood opportunity

The project supports new livelihood opportunities for >5800 people through a variety of initiatives including enforcement, eco-tourism and agriculture. For example, IBIS Rice is a Wildlife Conservation Society initiative, successfully connecting conservation outcomes with economic incentives. It provides communities motivation to engage in conservation, offering 1,500 wildlife-friendly farmers a premium for organic jasmine rice. Farmers […]

>1700 people provided with new livelihood opportunities due to the project

Farming of fish is not traditionally undertaken by the local communities. Whilst some villages are home to fisherman, they predominantly use the wild caught method and as such, aquaculture is a very new concept. To sustain their food supply and potential income, the local communities have decided to continue to utilise their carbon offset revenue […]

17 Jun 2022 >340 locally hired employees, 1/3 of whom are women

Local community members are hired for various roles within the Kasigau Corridor REDD+ project, including many unarmed rangers for the Kasigau enforcement program. The Kasigau enforcement program provides employment opportunities for the local community members while protecting wildlife in the project zone. In the latter half of 2021, 42 additional rangers were hired after undergoing […]