11 Jan 2024 Community Stories of Change: The Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project

“I was born and grew up here, and can tell the difference between when the Kasigau project was here and when it wasn’t.” – Florence Malandi, Board of Management Chair, Kasigau.

01 Dec 2023 Kasigau Corridor Spotlight Report Q3 2023

Spotlight Summary Community Landowners The Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project stands as a testament to effective collaboration and community-driven conservation with over 120,000 local community members living in the project zone, as well as a landowning community of over 6,000 individuals and families from Taita Taveta County. Transparent and continuous engagement with the community landowners is […]

21 Apr 2023 Too hungry to Learn; Addressing Food Insecurity in the Kasigau Corridor

Communities are building resilience to the far-reaching impacts of drought by embracing conservation agriculture and other strategies aimed at strengthening food security.

01 Apr 2023 Due Diligence Kasigau
31 Mar 2023 Kasigau Spotlight Report Q1 2023

The Wildlife Works’ plot sampling initiative was established to collect biomass data required for monitoring carbon stocks in the Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project area. Carbon sampling, simply put, is a process that measures trees in order to precisely calculate the amount of carbon stored in them. Different trees hold different amounts of carbon depending on their species, structure and age. The team in Kenya, led by Joshua Kitiro, works closely with the Wildlife Works team in the USA. After receiving coordinates with maps from the technical team in the states, the field team in Kenya begins the tree measurement process within the same area, including recording data, measuring the diameter of the trunk of the tree with tape, capturing the height of the tree, as well as tagging the tree for easy identification.

22 Mar 2023 Easing the Water Crisis in The Kasigau Corridor in Kenya

The sight of crop failure, soil erosion, animal carcasses, and dry dams paints a grim picture of the unprecedented drought that continues in the Kasigau Corridor REDD+ project area in Kenya.

07 Mar 2023 Meet Agnetta, Enhancing Women’s Agency In The Kasigau Corridor

Hear from Agnetta Godfrey about the important work the Hadithi Crafts Support Community Based Organization is doing with women across the Kasigau Corridor.

28 Feb 2023 Celebrating The People Who Make Conservation Possible

As we celebrate World Wildlife Day on 3rd March 2023, we would like to highlight the incredible work done by our rangers at the Kasigau Corridor REDD+ project and share what has inspired them to live a life dedicated to protecting wildlife.

25 Feb 2023 Meet The Community Members Influencing Change in the Kasigau Corridor in Kenya

Learn about some of the most significant individuals in the Kasigau Corridor REDD+ project who have taken up key leadership positions in their respective communities, championing for its well being.