25 Oct 2022 Embrace Local Solutions to Fight Climate Change

The world needs forest communities’ leadership, knowledge and equal participation to meet our global climate goals.

15 Oct 2022 The Community Perspective, Storytelling From The Heart

When looking for solutions to achieve the world’s collective climate goals, we must include local voices.

30 Jun 2022 Kasigau Half Yearly Report Q2 2022

Wildlife sightings are on the rise across the corridor, including Elephants, Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs and Grevy’s Zebras. The expanded use of a new monitoring app yields the opportunity for rangers to collect and share data in real time across the project zone using mobile phones in a secure cloud-based system. The greenhouses are full with thousands of indigenous trees for afforestation and teams are working to graft different fruit varieties to produce diverse multi-fruit trees. The ecocharcoal factory has produced >3450 briquettes for the community and is testing new processes for developing smaller, more energy efficient products.

20 Jun 2022 Kasigau

A vital wildlife corridor between Tsavo East and West National Parks, the Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project protects over 200,000 hectares of dryland forest.

18 Jun 2022 >200,000 hectares of forest protected

To protect the vast dryland forests in the Kasigau Corridor, security teams coordinate regular aerial and foot patrols, collaborating with the local communities, the Kenya Wildlife Service and other NGOs operating in the area. This is particularly important during the fire season, to ensure a coordinated response actively prevents fire outbreaks. In addition to protecting […]

5 IUCN Red List Species actively protected

The Kasigau Corridor is home to more than 20 species of bats, over 50 species of large mammals, over 300 species of birds and important populations of IUCN Red List species, including African Elephants, African Wild Dogs, Cheetahs, Grevy’s Zebras and Lions. The project has been working since 2013 on long term research and development […]

>$1.2 million in bursaries awarded through Locational Carbon Committees (LCCs)

The Locational Carbon Committees (LCCs) is the governance structure through which the communities directly allocate carbon revenue towards community driven initiatives. The LCCs have approved budget spending on various community projects, including awarding >$1.2 million in bursaries to >26,000 students and distributing thousands of facemasks and cleaning supplies for COVID protection in the Q3-Q4 of […]

17 Jun 2022 >1,700 women involved in the Hadithi craft venture generating $250,000 in annual profit

Weaving baskets is a tradition in native Taita culture, a tribe of people living in the hills in South Eastern Kenya. The project supports basket weaving womens groups in the project zone, to provide women with an alternative livelihood option, connecting them to external markets, building capacity and impoving product quality of local craft groups. […]

36 schools renovated & 10 new schools built

Community revenue sharing has been allocated to the renovation of 36 existing schools and building of 10 new schools across the project zone. This includes the creation of new classrooms, administration blocks, kitchens and staff houses as well as new water tanks and toilet blocks to improve access to water and sanitation. These updates have […]

>340 locally hired employees, 1/3 of whom are women

Local community members are hired for various roles within the Kasigau Corridor REDD+ project, including many unarmed rangers for the Kasigau enforcement program. The Kasigau enforcement program provides employment opportunities for the local community members while protecting wildlife in the project zone. In the latter half of 2021, 42 additional rangers were hired after undergoing […]