25 Feb 2023 Meet Phyee Ruonh, An Indigenous Bunong Leader From The Pu Ngaol Village

Phyee Ruonh works tirelessly to improve his community’s livelihood, to protect the spiritual forest and his ancestral land.

16 Feb 2023 Keo Seima Project Summary

Nested between two important ecoregions within the Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot – the Annamite Mountains evergreen forests, and the lower Mekong dry forests – the 167,000 hectare Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary (KSWS) is home to more than 950 wild species, including 75 globally threatened species, and is the ancestral home of the indigenous Bunong people. The Project has defended the traditional rights of over 12,000 Indigenous Bunong and Stieng people from 20 villages within the Project Area by helping the indigenous communities to secure the first Indigenous Community Land Title in Cambodia.

23 Jan 2023 Forest Protection Invests Into Access to Education

Parents living in the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary REDD+ Project zone help send their children to school through their involvement in forest protection

12 Jan 2023 Keo Seima Investment Priorities Map

The Keo Seima REDD+ Project will use carbon revenues to strengthen and expand a number of priority interventions that are strategically placed inside and outside the project area

31 Dec 2022 Keo Seima Half Yearly Impact Report Q3 – Q4 2022

Self-identification of land tenure has been completed in Bunong villages across the project area, cementing their legal rights to their ancestral land. Land plots have been demarcated to protect against illegal land clearance by outsiders. Hundreds of community members participated in biodiversity education events. New eco-tourism spots are being scouted in the project area, but expansion has been challenging.

02 Nov 2022 The Next Generation Will See Our Legacy

Peon, Korn, and Srev from the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary REDD+ Project in Cambodia share how the impacts of climate change are affecting their ability to cultivate food and are calling on World Leaders to help protect their natural resources.

01 Nov 2022 Calling on World Leaders to Help Protect Our Precious Ecosystems

The Indigenous Bungong People are vested stakeholders in protecting their traditional land and are calling on World Leaders to do their part to preserve forests and wildlife for the next generation.

20 Oct 2022 Keo Seima + Southern Cardamom Research Report

New research published by Everland scientists, “High deforestation trajectories in Cambodia slowly transformed through economic land concession restrictions and strategic execution of REDD+ protected areas”. Nature Scientific Reports

18 Oct 2022 Raising the Voices of Local and Indigenous People

My role is to help amplify the voices of local and Indigenous people. For the world to hear their truth.