07 Mar 2023 Meet Ms. Pheang, Leader And Role Model For Women In The Cardamom Mountains

Ms. Pheang has played a remarkable role in mobilizing stakeholders to rebuild areas that were once threatened by deforestation. Through her leadership, she has encouraged women in her community to step forward and earn a better living.

21 Feb 2023 Southern Cardamom Half Yearly Impact Report Q3 – Q4 2022

Important community infrastructure has been established during the last two quarters, including a significant water well, various village roads, a series of new toilets, and new chicken coops for the Community Livestock Raising project. A recent scholarship student is excelling in his studies. Recent sightings of gibbons at three ranger stations highlight the importance and impact of the enforcement program.

23 Jan 2023 Education Is Important For Me and The Whole Society

Hear from Touch It, a REDD+ scholarship student studying Economics of Informational Technology. She hopes to become a professional marketing researcher working with local villagers and farmers in her community after she graduates.

With The Knowledge I’ve Gained I Will Help Enhance My Family’s Livelihood

Hear from Thorn Khak, a REDD+ scholarship student who is studying agricultural science and hopes to become a specialist in his field working in his local community.

With An Education I Can Achieve My Goals

Hear from Pich Savary, a REDD+ scholarship student studying tourism who hopes to share her knowledge and promote ecotourism on a larger scale when she graduates.

Access to Education Has Helped My Self Development and Broadened My Knowledge of Society

Hear from Tith Sour, an Indigenous REDD+ scholarship student studying Agricultural Information Technology who hopes to become a web developer with professional skills to help develop his community and protect forests and natural resources.

11 Jan 2023 Southern Cardamom Investment Priorities Map

The Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project will use carbon revenues to strengthen and expand a number of priority interventions that are strategically placed inside and outside the project area

02 Nov 2022 Protect the Cambodian Forest and Wildlife for Future Generations

En, Hang, and Prum from the Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project in Cambodia share the challenges their communities are facing due to climate change and are calling on World Leaders to invest into conservation in Cambodia.

01 Nov 2022 Together We Can Protect The Future

The Community Chief along with his villagers joined hands and echoed together that they have taken an oath to protect their forest and wildlife. Likewise, they request everyone to do the same. “Together we can protect the future.”