04 Jun 2024 Southern Cardamom Q1 2024 Spotlight Report

Impact Spotlight Overview Solar-Powered Water Wells Across rural Cambodia, climate change and deforestation have made securing clean water increasingly difficult. Disruptions in natural water cycles and contamination of traditional water sources exacerbate the situation, posing a significant challenge to local communities. In response, the Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project’s solar water well initiative has emerged as […]

01 Dec 2023 Spotlight Report Southern Cardamom Q3 2023

Spotlight Summary Securing Land Titles The issuance of land titles for local communities in the Project Zone falls under the responsibility of the Provincial Cadastral Department of the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning, and Construction, but multi-year technical support by the Wildlife Alliance has played a significant role in ensuring that their land rights […]

31 Mar 2023 Southern Cardamom Spotlight Report Q1 2023

The Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project successfully conducted its FPIC process for its 4th Monitoring Report (M4), starting February 15, 2023 and was completed by May 5, 2023. The FPIC process has been implemented on a continuous basis since the project began, emphasizing the importance of engaging local community members and indigenous people, and prioritizing their inclusion in the ongoing decision making and governance of the project. This is vital to the project’s ability to successfully deliver the promise of REDD+ in collaboration with the forest dependent communities. For M4, FPIC meetings were held in all 29 communities, reaching almost 1200 community members, an 18% increase compared to the last round of meetings conducted in the third monitoring period.

07 Mar 2023 Meet Ms. Pheang, Leader And Role Model For Women In The Cardamom Mountains

Ms. Pheang has played a remarkable role in mobilizing stakeholders to rebuild areas that were once threatened by deforestation. Through her leadership, she has encouraged women in her community to step forward and earn a better living.

09 Feb 2023 Southern Cardamom Project Summary

The Cardamom Rainforest Landscape is one of the last unfragmented rainforests remaining in Southeast Asia. It is a critical part of the Indo- Burma Biodiversity Hotspot, facing threat from relentless illegal logging and poaching. This area is globally significant for ecosystem servicing, wildlife conservation, and community livelihoods and serves as the region’s most important watershed, climate regulator and carbon sink. Using a unique approach for forest protection and community development, the Southern Cardamom REDD+ project protects 497,000 hectares of this crucial tropical rainforest ecosystem in Southwest Cambodia.

23 Jan 2023 Education Is Important For Me and The Whole Society

Hear from Touch It, a REDD+ scholarship student studying Economics of Informational Technology. She hopes to become a professional marketing researcher working with local villagers and farmers in her community after she graduates.

With The Knowledge I’ve Gained I Will Help Enhance My Family’s Livelihood

Hear from Thorn Khak, a REDD+ scholarship student who is studying agricultural science and hopes to become a specialist in his field working in his local community.

With An Education I Can Achieve My Goals

Hear from Pich Savary, a REDD+ scholarship student studying tourism who hopes to share her knowledge and promote ecotourism on a larger scale when she graduates.