01 Nov 2022 Together We Can Protect The Future

The Community Chief along with his villagers joined hands and echoed together that they have taken an oath to protect their forest and wildlife. Likewise, they request everyone to do the same. “Together we can protect the future.”

31 Oct 2022 Local And Indigenous People Know Better Than Anyone The Value Of Protecting Forests

Their stories need to be shared so that people around the world can understand the drastic impacts climate change is having on local communities, right now.

20 Oct 2022 Keo Seima + Southern Cardamom Research Report

New research published by Everland scientists, “High deforestation trajectories in Cambodia slowly transformed through economic land concession restrictions and strategic execution of REDD+ protected areas”. Nature Scientific Reports

30 Sep 2022 Southern Cardamom Spotlight Report Q3 2022

Wildlife crime is one of the most significant threats to wildlife globally, endangering hundreds of species – thriving in regions of corruption and weak rule of law. In response to a long standing hunting and poaching crisis in the region, the Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project has developed an effective system of rescue, care and release to provide the best possible outcomes for traumatized and injured wild animals, and works with government authorities to ensure traders face justice for their crimes.

30 Jun 2022 Sustainable community agriculture established on previously degraded lands in the buffer zone

Within the project area’s buffer zone near a sugar cane economic land concession, 20ha of former slash-and-burn land was allocated for village agricultural activities with guidance from the project’s Community Orchard Program team. The area is under the management of the Ministry of Environment, but has been reserved as community land for agricultural purposes. Many […]

Southern Cardamom Half Yearly Report Q2 2022

The Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project has undertaken numerous construction projects throughout surrounding communities in Q1-Q2 2022, including 43 wells to provide clean water to >3600 people as well as 25km of road and drainage culverts to connect a remote village to a market center and medical facilities. The Community Anti-Poaching Unit at Chi Phat has recorded the return of wildlife to the area as a result of relentless protection of the eco- tourism and wildlife release site. However, human-elephant conflicts have resurfaced in other areas of the project due to the continued fragmentation of forests in surrounding areas, ending peacefully through the proactive intervention from local rangers.

20 Jun 2022 Southern Cardamom

The Cardamom Rainforest Landscape is one of the last unfragmented rainforests remaining in Southeast Asia and is a critical part of the Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot at threat from relentless illegal logging and poaching.

18 Jun 2022 497,000 hectares of forest protected

The project relentlessly defends 497,000 hectares of forest in a highly threatened landscape. For example, recently the project team stopped the construction of a High Voltage Power Line through the heart of the REDD+ Project. A high voltage power line had been planned to bring electricity from 4 hydro-power dams to Phnom Penh, which would […]

52 IUCN Red List Species protected

The ranger and enforcement team in Southern Cardamom is constructing a tiger reintroduction station, which includes ponds for swimming, wild pig enclosures for tiger prey, workers house and a veterinary station. By 2023, the Indian government will begin the reintegration process by donating at least 10 tigers, giving them the opportunity to roam free in […]