18 Jun 2022 27,516 people with improved access to clean water

Water resources in the Cardamom rainforest landscape have been drying up over the past decade as a result of climate change and deforestation. Families in some communities have to travel up to 5-km to collect safe drinking water from one of the few operational wells as the only other safe alternative is purchasing very expensive […]

200 people with access to clean water

The Prey Sre Pring community forest borders Prey Lang and the community is the most impoverished forest community in the project area. The Project provided a solar-powered water pumping system to the Prey Sre Pring community, giving approximately 200 people access to a reliable source of water. Having this water pumping system that provides safer […]

>3,600 people served in project-supported medical facilities

Many villages in the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary area are remote and travel to clinics can be very difficult – especially for the elderly or unwell – and some treatments can be prohibitively expensive. The project has invested in medical services for the local communities including medical clinics. In 2021, 500 residents in 5 indigenous […]

8 medical facilities supported, providing healthcare to >5500 local community members

Over ⅓ of children under 5 are malnourished and many are at high risk from malaria, leading to a high mortality rate of 220 per 1000 children. To alleviate this healthcare crisis, new facilities are continuing to be built in the project zone – with a total of 8 facilities currently supported by the project. […]

17 Jun 2022 Health education provided for >1,200 students

In 2021, a pilot health education initiative was rolled out in 10 primary schools across the project area, which combined the gender-inclusive sport of volleyball with reproductive health education. This afterschool program reached over 1,200 students, was implemented by a team of 6 local volunteers and focused on a variety of subjects including gender-based violence, […]