21 Apr 2023 Too hungry to Learn; Addressing Food Insecurity in the Kasigau Corridor

Communities are building resilience to the far-reaching impacts of drought by embracing conservation agriculture and other strategies aimed at strengthening food security.

23 Jan 2023 Interview With A Chyulu Hills Teacher About The Importance of Access to Quality Education In Her Community

Our communities are realizing the importance of education through the transformative change that is happening where children complete their education and have careers that give back to society.

Forest Protection Invests Into Access to Education

Parents living in the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary REDD+ Project zone help send their children to school through their involvement in forest protection

REDD+ investments Inspire Youth to Dream Big

Mary, Wisdom and Emmanuel from the Wildlife Works Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project in Kenya share the challenges their communities face in accessing quality education and their hopes and ambitions for the future.

Education Is Important For Me and The Whole Society

Hear from Touch It, a REDD+ scholarship student studying Economics of Informational Technology. She hopes to become a professional marketing researcher working with local villagers and farmers in her community after she graduates.

With The Knowledge I’ve Gained I Will Help Enhance My Family’s Livelihood

Hear from Thorn Khak, a REDD+ scholarship student who is studying agricultural science and hopes to become a specialist in his field working in his local community.

With An Education I Can Achieve My Goals

Hear from Pich Savary, a REDD+ scholarship student studying tourism who hopes to share her knowledge and promote ecotourism on a larger scale when she graduates.

Access to Education Has Helped My Self Development and Broadened My Knowledge of Society

Hear from Tith Sour, an Indigenous REDD+ scholarship student studying Agricultural Information Technology who hopes to become a web developer with professional skills to help develop his community and protect forests and natural resources.

14 Oct 2022 Making a Difference in my Community is my Drive

I strongly believe that among the different measures taken in the fight against climate change in the world, REDD+ projects can be one of the most successful initiatives with enough participation.